Charlie Liao | Chairman

Charlie Liao


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Founder, Charlie Liao started Intersource Partners in 2003 to offer a more comprehensive solution for product company clients seeking robust supply chain resources and management. Charlie’s extensive and decades-long career in manufacturing, machine tools, quality management, supply chain management and vertical integration has uniquely positioned him to see the challenges inherent in complex global supply chains and to engineer the solutions that set IPI apart from typical contract manufacturers.

David Liao | Managing Director

David Liao

Managing Director

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David Liao started his role at Intersource Partners (IPI) after his academic time at the prestigious Cheng Kung University. David has spent his tenure at IPI in every department and facet of the company to ensure that he is able to adeptly carry on the high standards set by his father and founder, Charlie. Legacy is a critical part of Taiwan-owned companies and David maintains the expertise and work-ethic critical to this family-owned and operated company while bringing next-generation thinking for next-generation solutions to the table.

Steve Simons | Managing Partner

Steve Simons

Managing Partner

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Steve Simons rounds out the IPI management team and brings world-class expertise in Product Management, FMEA, Continuous Improvement and Manufacturing. Steve’s pedigree is a history in innovation from inventing game-changing suspension and founding industry-leading technology companies to developing affordable, efficient automation equipment for machine shops.